Test Practice

The difference between practice and training

All classes should see the practice test at least once before test day; grade 3 should see the training test at least twice as well as the practice test.

Practice Test

The practice tests mirror the Smarter Balanced summative assessments in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics. Each test provides students with a grade-specific testing experience, including a variety of question types and difficulty levels (approximately 30 items each in mathematics and ELA), as well as a performance task.

All universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations approved by Smarter Balanced are available on the practice tests.

Training Test

The training tests are designed to provide students and teachers with opportunities to quickly familiarize themselves with the software and navigational tools that they will use for the upcoming Smarter Balanced Assessments for Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy. Training tests are available for both mathematics and ELA and are organized by grade bands. The questions on the training test were selected to provide students with an opportunity to practice a range of question types. The training tests do not contain performance tasks.